31 March 2007

Central World Plaza, Bangkok

Saturday, 30 March 2007 - Central World Plaza is the largest shopping mall in Southeast Asia (5,920,000 square feet). A large open area in front of the mall provides an activities area for live music and, at night, huge crowds often gather here to have a drink in the open air bars. Look at the relative size of the people standing in front of the Adias store.

It has seven monsterous floors, with a very well stocked (Western-oriented) grocery store, food court, several restaurants, and a huge movie theatre on the seventh floor.

The SKECHERS store is located on the third level. Other shoes brands including, Saucony, Puma, and Clarkes are on the same level.


Karuana said...

These are great shots... I especially like the one of the World Plaza at dusk... Wide angle? HDR? Whatever you used it turned out great! Keep going!! I am travelling vicariously with you! :-)

Dream AppZone said...

Nice hotel. Loved it.