31 March 2007

Central World Plaza, Bangkok

Saturday, 30 March 2007 - Central World Plaza is the largest shopping mall in Southeast Asia (5,920,000 square feet). A large open area in front of the mall provides an activities area for live music and, at night, huge crowds often gather here to have a drink in the open air bars. Look at the relative size of the people standing in front of the Adias store.

It has seven monsterous floors, with a very well stocked (Western-oriented) grocery store, food court, several restaurants, and a huge movie theatre on the seventh floor.

The SKECHERS store is located on the third level. Other shoes brands including, Saucony, Puma, and Clarkes are on the same level.

18 March 2007

Manhattan Beach, Flowers Near the Beach

Sunday, 18 March 2007 - I took this picture yesterday. It was a dull, overcast day, but these kind of days really help the color saturation.

Sunday Morning in Manhattan Beach

Sunday 18 March 2007 - I left home before sunrise and walked down the Strand. I arrived at the Manhattan Beach Pier a little before sunrise on a cool, overcast morning. For this picture, I stopped the camera down to f36 with a -1EV with a 5 second exposure to make the waves nice and silky. The focal length was 135mm, but the focal length equivalent to a full frame 35mm would be 216mm (1.6X for a Canon EOS 30D).

A little later in the morning, it was a little brighter and I walked across the sand, almost to the water's edge. This picture was taken at f22 with -1EV and a 0.5 second exposure at 100mm (160mm, equivalent to a full frame sensor). I rendered an HDR image from the picture using a +/- 2EV, then used detail enhancement in the tone mapping. I loaded it back into Photoshop an increased the contrast.