28 November 2006

Dinner at Eoy's Home

Pattaya, Thailand

I love going to Eoy's home for dinner. Eoy's mother and father always prepare a wonderful meal.

To start, the best chicken soup I ever tasted. It was a very rich chicken stock with chunks of all kinds of chicken parts, cooked egg yolks, slices of kaa, ข่า (galangal), pak chee, ผักชี, (cilantro), a generous portion of nam manao, น้ำมะนาว, (lime juice) and, of course prik kee noo, พริกขี้หนู.

This fish is "pla see kohn", ปลาสีขน -- I'm not sure what kind of fish it is, but it must be in the mackerel family. It has a similar, but milder, less oily taste than mackerel. It is wonderful with nam jim, น้ำจิ้น.

This is the nam jim, น้ำจิ้น -- Lot's of hawm daeng, หอมแดง, sliced red shallots, firey prik kee noo, nam pla น้ำปล่า, and lime juice. It is fantastic with fried fish, and the little pieces of chile occassional give quite a hot bite!

This is pla nin, ปลานิล, (tilapia) fried to perfection. Several deep slices are cut in each side prior to frying. When served, you just pry off a big chunk from each slice. It comes off with ease and no bones.

27 November 2006

Goong Goo-laa-dum

Pattaya Pier, Pattaya, Thailand

goong goo laa dum

We visited Pattaya Pier the other night to buy seafood for dinner, and I saw these large tiger prawns (Click on picture for larger view).

They don't get much bigger than this. It doesn't take many to make a meal like:

Goong Goo-laa-dum Neung Si Iu

Tiger Prawns Steamed with Soy Sauce

Yum Moo Ham

Pattaya, Thailand
ยำหมูแฮม (Spicy Thai-Style Ham Salad)

This is different. A ham salad made Thai-style with strips of sliced ham, cabbage, diced scallions, onion, parsley, plentiful prik kee noo (Thai chiles), tomato, fish sauce, and lime juice -- Garnished with a slice of tomato and two slices of cucumber.

18 November 2006

Boxed Lunch at Shenzhen International Airport

Shenzhen, China
Its called Shenzhen "International" Airport because it has two gates dedicated to international flights. While waiting for the delayed departure, airport personnel passed out boxes to waiting travelers. The first thing I saw was the drink.

Mmm! Wax Gourd Drink is always high on my list of refreshments... Ok, I think I'll skip the drink and head straight to the food.

What the...? A bun with a bun with glop in the center with another bun/cakey-thing.

Fortunately, the Bangkok Airways flight served lunch! :-)